Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Why at the first stage of affection even a single sight of your partner’s body turns you on? And after some years sex becomes something usual and mandatory like a medical procedures? And what to do with it? 

How to understand that the couple is together for many years? They find million reasons not to have sex. It happens not because they don’t love each other, but because sex with the same partner becomes boring.  

As for women boredom expresses itself through psychological exhaustion. It seems like you did this and that, tried new poses and bought sex-toys and etc. Usually this exhaustion ends up with a feeling of obligation: “Sex must be but I don’t want it” and it leads to the moments when refuse your man more and more often or do it automatically.  

As for men boredom leads to one thing – looking for fresh feelings somewhere else. Men won’t think how to improve the situation. If he feels bored he just wants to find a new partner. This is the easiest way out. 

Sexual boredom is inevitable but not fatal especially of you know what to do. The main reason is getting used to pheromones. New smell always feels more interesting. A woman who is near for too long becomes some kind of a relative and sex with her feels like incest. Scientists say that it has a natural explanation. With time a man loses interest in a woman and her smells doesn’t excite him. It’s like he did everything and go further. And his woman can be really sexy, beautiful and desired. But for other men. 

The second reason of sexual boredom is routine and absence of new feelings/impressions. You tried many things and it seems like you found the best variant: the best pose, the best place and the best scenario of sex which is comfortable for both of you. And then sex becomes boring. We can compare it with our body feelings: if you stroke one spot (even the erogenous one) for too long, nervous endings will be less sensitive. The same is with sexual feelings. 

How to fight with it

Before trying to improve the situation you have to admit to each other that sex is not satisfying anymore to both of you. The next step is to understand if only boredom is a reason of your insatisfaction or maybe you have other reasons like lack of emotional connection, or absence of basic needs like: security, reliability, development of relations. The third definition of your needs and expectations: what you need, what he needs and etc. And the last but not the least: your strategy. And you’ll have to think. 

Pheromone strike

This will fit those who lost fire in their relations. In a boredom phase ability of pheromone production is very weak that’s why having sex is not as important as doing some usual things like watching favorite series and etc. So you have to fight for it. 

To improve this you can do the following:

  • Use vaginal balls during doing domestic stuff. All your usual actions will be very erotic and besides pheromones that are produced with vaginal liquid are much stronger than other kinds of it. 
  • Use artificial pheromone intensifier that influences your man and you
  • Practice “jump to orgasm” i.e. practice sex that stimulate pheromone production 

More games

And in this games vaginal orgasm and sex are not the aim. Spend time together in a bed or on a beach, just feel free and lie together and chat about everything and make massage to each other. The main thing is not to be obliged to do anything. If you do everything right and relax your suggestion to go and try to have sex in some place will make him glad. 

More spontaneous actions

Sometimes lack of desire is connected with usual habits of partners. Sex while watching TV, absence of a prelude, the same pose – get rid of it and add more spontaneous sexual feelings. What will happen if you take his hand and put it on your bikini zone when you don’t wear panties? And if you send him a photo of your new vibrators? It’s time to check it. 

Try new kinds of sex

The matter is not in some new technics or 30 variants of a position “cowgirl”, the matter is to tune on a sexual wave that will inspire and make you feel a goddess of sex. Add an element of a game and leave occasionally a brochure called “Deep throat is easy” on a place where he can find it. There will be no boredom.