Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Striptease is an art that can make sex life more spicy. If you want to make this surprise for your man but are afraid to look funny and stupid here some recommendations how to dance striptease and to do it great. 

Train in front of a mirror

Training and a plan are not only a half of success but also a basis of your self-confidence. You don’t have to learn dance movements by heart but it will be much easier if you imagine how everything happens. Otherwise if you start dancing for your partner without preparation, you take a risk to become nervous and forget what to do. Also take care about prop if it’s necessary. It can be a chair for example. Check it and think what you gonna do with it. Why do you need a mirror at this stage? Because with its’ help you will learn when and how you look good. It will help during a dance because at some moment you will ask yourself “How do I look like now?”.  

Choose simple movements

Striptease is an erotic dance that doesn’t suppose mandatory acrobatic elements and a pole dance. If you are not flexible enough, concentrate on simple movements. For example rocking your hips and stroking your body can arouse a man really strong. Choose movements that are comfortable for you and don’t try too hard to impress your man. Be sure he will be amazed by the fact that you dance for him. Here are some movements that you can repeat if you don’t have much training: 

Dance on his knees

Striptease is for teasing and exciting your partner. But it doesn’t mean that you must not touch him. You can do it. To make a dance oh his knees you should stand with your back to him right beside him. It’s better to have a chair in front of you so you could lean on it. 

Then you go down bending your legs in knees until you feel that butt touches his knees. Now you can make round movements with your hips. Look at him over the shoulder and let him place his hand on your ass. 

Slaps and butt strokes

It’s a very simple movement that can make a man crazy with their sincerity. For doing them turn your back on him and bend over letting him watch your ass. After you bend as low as possible start stroking your hips and buttocks. Getting straight slap your butt playfully. 

Choose right clothes beforehand

The clothes you choose for striptease must make you self-confident, outline your figure and must be easy to take off. So it’s better not to use many elements. Choose erotic lingerie and put on some bathrobe so he couldn’t suspect what expects him when he comes home from work or go out of a shower. 

Shoes, stockings

If you want to put them on take care about a chair on which you can sit and take them of. We recommend to take shoes with heels at once or not to wear them at all, because they can make you tired as striptease itself takes much energy. As for stockings don’t hurry to take them off quickly. How to do it we told above. In general do it slow and sitting on a chair. 


It’s better to put it off in a right way. First lower straps of your bra and it will make your man concentrate his attention on your breast. Then you can play with your breast and turn your back, handling clasp of your bra. Or you can let your boyfriend take care about it. After clasp is opened put your hands on your breasts and then throw your bra in further corner of the room or to your man’s knees. 


The most expected and desired part of the show. Only one element bothers you to have sex. You can take’em off by yourself or may let your man do it. He will be glad to take part in this process. 

You won’t look foolish so there’s nothing to be afraid of

Striptease is not only a dancing way to get rid of your clothes but also a way to demonstrate your beauty, self-confidence and sexuality. He saw you naked and sight of your body won’t make him laugh for sure. And movements that you make won’t either because he will be charmed by beauty and bravery. Of course you are afraid that something goes wrong, you can lose balance or make a wrong step. Even if it happens don’t lose self-control and continue like nothing happened. 

If you don’t draw attention to some nuisance during dance he won’t notice it. Treat striptease as an ode to your body because you let your man admire your dance but also you let yourself feel sexy and desired and these feelings play an important role in a life of a woman.