Tuesday, December 1, 2020

If you look for love at dating sites and want to achieve success, accept one rule – a good photo is a basis of success. Almost all users of dating sites pay more attention at profiles with pictures. It’s rare that somebody will message to a “faceless” user. And absence of a photo raise many questions about his purposes. Nobody demands million personal picture, one will be enough. But if you want to make an album with your personal pictures, it will be useful, do it!

So how must a picture look like? 

  1. It must be yours. Is it funny? Yes it is. But it’s more funny when your see pictures of Brad Pitt and other celebrities as a profile picture. Some people think that it can help to draw more attention and it will make their chance to meet someone higher. But of course it’s nonsense, because if you plan to date your joke won’t be appreciated.   
  2. It’s better if you are the only person on the photo. It’s not interesting to see a photo with your ex or with a family. Such photos are good in your photo-albums but as for the main picture they are useless. 
  3. The photo must have a good quality it’s necessary to do it in a special studio, it must be done a good camera and with good lighting. As a rule a photo done by a mobile phone has low quality and has small resolution. And if a picture is taken in the night time one won’t see your face. 
  4. Photos must be decent. If you want to upload a photo where you are naked, we don’t recommend to use it as a profile picture. It’s good to demonstrate your beauty but such photos must be placed in a general album not as a main photo. Don’t forget about common decency, but of course it’s up to you. Also don’t upload pictures in training pants, pyjamas or in boxer shorts – it’s too ridiculous. 
  5. There can’t be too many photos. All the info above was dedicated to a main profile picture and you also can add more different photos in your profile’s albums. For example a photo from a children’s party in some funny suit.