Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Don’t try too hard sharing some moments of your life in social media or adult dating site. Especially if this informations concerns your relationship. In this article we will tell which statuses can be harmful for both of you. 

Funny statuses about his disadvantages

Of course it’s funny that he doesn’t know how to cook omelette. You can make a photo of it for comparing his next one, but no need to upload the photo to social webs. Such pictures can do nothing good for his reputation. They can become a reason of ridicules among his friends and colleagues. Leave these photos for a family, they will accept it kindly. 

His photo with a “hot” description

You man looks good and have a great body. You feel like a queen at a beach, because all girls look at him. You feel so much inspiration because of his handsomeness that you upload his almost naked photo and make up some hot description. Well, it’s totally clear but we recommend to ask him before you do this if he wants such pictures to be seen by others. Maybe his subordinates will laugh at their boss. 

Deepthought phrases

There are thousands of sites with quotes of great people about relations. Ok, you don’t know how to tell your boyfriend about some problems between you and him. The worst way is to quote some phrase about relationship in social media. It’s much better to talk with him directly. And by the way do you really need others to know about your problems?  

Expensive gifts

.An enormous bunch of roses, expensive ring or a new brand bag. Such photos are common among girls. They don’t even understand which feelings such photos can raise among those who see it. So think twice before uploading such pictures. Everybody has different income. Envy is not the best feeling that you can cause by such behaviour. 

Break up statuses

Breaking up is always difficult, no doubt. But why should everybody know about it? Instead of posting your sad thoughts about it, just hang out with your friends and talk to them. Share your grief with them and you’ll feel much better.   

Too much sugar

Your photos and love declarations appear in social webs every three hours or even more often. And it’s not the most creative photos that one can see in social media. People who don’t have any troubles in relations don’t boast, psychologists say. If you say that everything is good all the time, it means you are not really satisfied with your life.